Organization: Switching Gear Enabling Network

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Built by Circle Economy and Fashion for Good, The Switching Gear Enabling Network (SGEN) is a powerful global network of over 50 circular solution providers and innovators, frontrunning and exploring brands and relevant experts, which aims to support the practical implementation of rental and recommerce pilots, and enable the wider uptake of circular business models in the apparel industry.

If you are a traditional brand that would like to explore what is involved in launching a resale or rental model, this is a great opportunity to connect with organisations that are already operating in this space. The shared objectives of the Network are to enable knowledge sharing, create networks and connections, and create exposure to the topic of resale and rental and its pioneering organisations. Facilitated activities include quarterly webinars, one physical event a year, a regular newsletter, closed communication channels like Slack and LinkedIn with fellow members, and exposure on our social media and website.

The network is due to run until the end of 2021. There is a small one-off membership fee of 350€ (excluding VAT).

Learn more at Switching Gear Enabling Network.

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