mabel + maimie

Australia or New Zealand

I am the designer & maker of mabel + maimie garments & other textile products. I am concerned with the amount of textiles ending up in landfill & therefore am on an endeavour to save what I can from landfill & use in my garment making & textile works. My fabrics are mostly sourced from or as: deadstock fabrics, designer end rolls, shops that have closed down & what is found in grannys' garage. My ethos is to be as transparent as possible in where my fabrics are sourced from therefore giving each garment it's own individual story. I feeI if we educate the consumer about the slow fashion industry they can then make smarter choices when purchasing garments. The fashion industry has suffered through the Covid_19 period and it is now that us, as the designers & makers must prove to the consumer what impact the footprint of our garments have on the environment & mother earth.