Susan Tancer Studios

North America

Susan Tancer Studios creates a line of hand-painted and crafted clutches, totes and weekenders that are one-of-a kind unique pieces of art - the go-to accessory if you want to create a conversation buzz. The designs are her own and all bags are hand-signed by Susan. They range from fun and funky to sophisticated and chic, so customers can select those that fit their outfit, personality or mood of the day.

Eco-friendly and crafted in sunny South Florida, Susan Tancer Studios' bags are sustainable and kind to the earth. Each is hand-cut from natural canvas, hand-painted in original bold and colorful designs, meticulously sewn (with a hidden magnetic closure), then sealed in various coats of Susan's own blend of sealants and stains to mimic the look, feel and textures of leather. Re-purpose vintage brooches & exotic buttons and found objects further make each bag unique and truly one-of-a-kind.