Scarves and Stuff by Solange


Hi there! I’m Solange, a knitting addict who’s not afraid to admit it. When I was a little girl I saw my grandmother Mitteke and my mum Vera produce the most exquisite pieces from just wool, fabric and thread. Their passion must have been infectious, because suddenly I found myself creating my own knitwear, which friends and family wore with pride.

So then I started to wonder: are my family and friends the only ones who crave handmade quality from the past? Or is this quest for nostalgic luxury something we have in common with others? Before I knew it, my beloved hobby turned into a sample collection that I launched under the ‘Scarves & Stuff by Solange’ label.

This collection consists of contemporary sweaters, cardigans, accessories (beanies, mittens, scarves,...) and handbags but also fabulous interior accessories such as beanbags, cushions and plaids - all unique and limited pieces of sustainable handmade knitwear from natural materials!

This collection allows me to share my family’s passion with others who love modern handmade quality. My mission: to prove that people are fed up of mass production and yearn for a more eco-conscious interior without compromising on style. I want to remind them of that special moment when Grandma gave them that knitted scarf for Christmas that took days of TLC to create. I guess we could call it nostalgia in the shape of luxurious, handmade interior accessories for the 21st century.