Neon Underground

North America

Our brand vision at Neon Underground Apparel is to foster brand loyalty with our customers by providing an immersive platform to express your individuality and be free of societal norms. As a company in a saturated market, we prioritize our efforts on the consumer's needs and wants, creating a fashion resource that puts the earth and the people who live on it first, ALWAYS!

Both founders, Hannah and Blake have made it their primary objective and business model to build a subculture alternative fashion brand that maintains ethical sourcing practices and manufacturing 100% fair trade sustainable apparel, from the development stages all the way down to post-production. We at Neon Underground are still just a small team of two, but even with such a small team, we have a lot of BIG things planned for the company that will bridge the holes the fast fashion industry has manifested over the last few decades.
In the world of fashion and accessories, this starts with having quality products and additionally follows with our brand's social responsibility, creativity, and ethical practices. Becoming a brand that stands to be the forefront in promoting global community wellness and establishing cultural awareness throughout our brand messaging.