Malice UpCycling


Creativity, up cycling and sustainability have always fascinated me; So I started creating for myself. From the materials I had at home, I took out everything I needed. There my journey began made of attempts and frustrations but above all of many, small and large, satisfactions.
In my shop you will find only products completely handmade, ethical and sustainable because made with materials and objects in common use and without wasting environmental resources. Malice’s creations are entirely hand made with recycled materials, well cleaned and that do not show any wear defects. This is what makes each artifact unique and unrepeatable.
The upcycled materials are in good condition and carefully cleaned (washed or cleaned with steam) before use.
Malice’s creations are unique artifacts, there are no two identical copies of the same object; for this reason you will receive exactly the creation you see in the picture.
All Malice creations are completely handmade, by me, in my laboratory in southern Italy and are totally eco friendly. If you are looking for something modern, ethical, handmade and unique; you are in the right place! All Malice creations are made with great care and deep love: I am very proud of my work and when you make a purchase in my shop, you will receive a unique product specially handmade. The creation will be sent in a handmade gift bag. Because when you buy a Malice creation, you buy a piece of my heart that I’m happy to offer!
For so long time we have exploited the resources of our planet as if they were infinite, now is the time to change course, to let nature heal where we have destroyed. It is time to help our planet by all means, starting from our daily choices; choose sustainability!