As an engaged fashion designer, EVA MARIA decides to design at her own creative pace, away from the hustle bustle of the fashion seasons. Het unique tailord pieces are made from Honest and exclusive organic materials. She is inspired by leftover, recycled and rewearable fabrics that crosses her path one way or another. Her so called "trouvailles".
But also with her homemade fabrics, EVA MARIA represents a respectful craftsmanship combined with a pure passion for colours and patterns. Her one of a kind timeless women collections emerge from her Visual surroundings and the preference for textures, materials and shapes. The combination of those 3 key elements translates in exeptional compositions. Also her background in Visual arts is an ongoing guideline in her creations. Typical for the brand are the playful silhouettes and her admiration for her female diversity and transparency. EVA MARIA is sustainable, fun & unique!